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Elite Alliance offers a diverse, enticing and expanding portfolio of elegant residences at exciting locations. Each visit to a new destination will create lifelong memories for you and your family. View exchange opportunities by using our interactive map.

Elite Alliance

Elite Alliance® is an exchange program for owners at our select family of prestigious residence clubs and luxurious, professionally managed vacation homes. The simple exchange process transforms your real estate ownership into a key that unlocks the door to seamless travel adventures - ski trips, golf getaways, beach escapes and much more - at a growing array of coveted destinations worldwide. Properties in the Alliance meet premium standards of quality, service, location and amenities. You will experience the luxury, convenience and personal attention you've come to expect, whenever and wherever you go on an Elite Alliance vacation.


  • What is Elite Alliance?

    Elite Alliance was established to enhance the value, flexibility and enjoyment of vacation home ownership. Elite Alliance members have the opportunity to experience exciting new destinations by exchanging vacations with owners at other participating residence clubs and resort communities that meet Elite Alliance's demanding standards of quality, location and service. They can also enjoy extraordinary vacations for a remarkably low fee without depositing a vacation at their home property. Elite Alliance properties are located in many of the world's most coveted destinations. Your Elite Alliance staff coordinates between Elite Alliance properties and provides complete travel services for its members if requested. Elite Alliance is acknowledged as the pre-eminent exchange company in the luxury sector.

  • Who is eligible for Elite Alliance membership?

    Owners of luxury residence clubs and vacation homes that have been selected for Elite Alliance participation are eligible for membership. Members must adhere to Elite Alliance policies and procedures as stated in the Membership Agreement.

  • What are the categories of Membership?

    Owners of residence clubs and luxury, professionally managed properties have two options when joining Elite Alliance:

    1. Premium Membership in Elite Alliance provides our highest level of membership privileges and benefits, including complimentary 24-hour vacation holds, complimentary one time 6-month Elite Credit extension, the ability to cancel an exchange at any time, and so much more. In addition, Premium Members have the ability to gain access to ClubBenefits, powered by ClubCorp®.
    2. Core Membership in Elite Alliance provides an array of membership privileges and benefits including access to Elite Escapes and Access Vacations.
  • Is there a fee to deposit a vacation into Elite Alliance?

    No, there is no fee to deposit a vacation into Elite Alliance.

  • Is there a fee if Elite Alliance confirms a vacation for me?

    Yes. Upon confirmation of an Elite Alliance exchange vacation, there is a $395 – $895 exchange fee. Short-notice Vacations, referred to as Elite Escapes, can be reserved for $695 – $1,995. Access Vacations are available at select properties, and are offered at exclusive rates.

  • How are the values of different residence sizes, number of bedrooms, locations, and seasons incorporated into the exchange process?

    Each deposited Elite Alliance vacation is assigned Elite Credits based on the above criteria. These Elite Credits are credited to a member’s account upon deposit of a vacation(s) and debited when that member reserves an exchange vacation. The amount of Elite Credits debited depends on the Elite Credits valuation of the exchange vacation that has been reserved. Members have up to 24 months from the date of deposit to use their Elite Credits.

  • Can I purchase Elite Credits if I don't have sufficient Elite Credits in my account to accept a desired vacation?

    Yes. You may purchase Elite Credits at a cost of $75 per credit. Please Note: You must have at least 80% of the Elite Credits needed to reserve the vacation in order to purchase additional credits.

  • Do members always have to deposit a vacation to take an Elite Alliance vacation?

    No. Members may take advantage of Elite Escapes, which are short-notice vacations. Reserving an Elite Escape does not require a vacation deposit. Confirmation of an Elite Escape requires payment of a $695 – $1,995 facilitation fee. Like exchange vacations, Elite Escapes would be valued at many thousands of dollars. Elite Escapes are made available 45 days prior to the arrival date for core members, and 60 days for premium members.

    Members may also take advantage of Access Vacations, which are available at select properties, and are offered at exclusive rates. Reserving an Access Vacation does not require a vacation deposit. Elite Credits do not apply towards reserving an Access Vacation. Like exchange vacations, Access Vacations would be valued at many thousands of dollars. Vacation dates range from short-notice to future availability. Both core and premium members can reserve Access Vacations.

  • Are there any other charges associated with an Elite Alliance exchange vacation, Elite Escape, or Access Vacation?

    Some residence clubs and resort communities may charge additional fees such as daily housekeeping fees, check-out fees, recreation access fees, or other charges. Details about property-specific fees may be found on the property page and on the vacation transaction page.

  • Do I need to have a confirmed vacation at my home residence club or resort community before I can make a deposit?

    Yes. Members must have a confirmed vacation of seven consecutive nights to deposit into the Elite Alliance program. Members who deposit vacations greater than 90 days from the arrival date will be awarded credits immediately upon approval from the property. Members who deposit vacations less than 90 days from the arrival date will have credits in a pending status until the vacation is reserved by another member.

  • Can members request exchange vacations that are not shown as available?

    Yes, there are two ways to request vacations. Members who have deposited a vacation can make up to two requests for future vacations and add them to their Watch List. These future vacations requests can span up to three months. Watch List requests require deposits with arrival dates that are at least 90 days after the date of deposit. When a requested vacation is deposited by another Elite Alliance member, the requesting member will be notified on a first-come, first-served basis and have 24 hours to accept the requested vacation before it is offered to another member.

    Members can also Request A Vacation. Members may request a specific week at a property, offering Elite Credits to the depositing member. The Member’s ability to offer additional Elite Credits is only limited by the number of Elite Credits they have in their account. Once submitted, Elite Alliance will notify the members at the Club you’ve selected to vacation at. Requests are sent every Thursday at 10:00am EST. A response to the Member’s request is received within five days and the Elite Credits necessary to cover this request will be placed on hold pending a response. The depositing member will receive the Elite Credits allocated to the vacation if they decide to make the deposit.

  • What if a member wants to withdraw their deposited vacation?

    A deposited vacation may be withdrawn if: the deposited vacation has not been reserved by another member, the depositing member’s account balance is equal to or greater than the Elite Credits associated with the vacation to be withdrawn, or the deposited vacation is withdrawn more than 45 days prior to the arrival date. The Elite Credits associated with a withdrawn deposit will be debited from the member’s account.

  • Can a member exchange into their own residence club or resort community?

    Yes. Elite Alliance Members have access to any vacations available in the program, including vacations at their own residence club or resort community.

  • When is an exchange confirmed?

    An exchange is confirmed by Elite Alliance when a member has reserved a deposited vacation, paid the exchange fee, and the exchange is approved by the associating property.

  • Can a member cancel an exchange?


    Cancellation made greater than 90 days from arrival:
    The member can select a one-time alternate vacation from the current availability within 7 days of canceling and apply the exchange fee and Elite Credits to the new reservation. If an alternate vacation is not reserved within 7 days, a refund of the Elite Credits will be credited to the member's account and the exchange fee is nonrefundable.

    Cancellation made less than 90 days from arrival:
    The member will forfeit the Elite Credits and the exchange fee is nonrefundable.

    Cancellation made by Premium Members:
    Premium Members may cancel an exchange at anytime and a refund of the Elite Credits will be credited to the member’s account; the exchange fee is nonrefundable. Please note, you will still be subject to the Club’s cancellation policy.

  • How can members learn more about Elite Alliance destinations, find out what exchanges are available, and reserve them?

    Contact an Elite Alliance Exchange Coordinator today at 866.407.5218 or info@elitealliance.com.