Wherever you go in Kalkan, you’ll be greeted with a traditional Turkish welcome. Wander the old town’s streets and you will surely be offered a glass of tea, but unlike most tourist destinations, you won’t feel obligated to purchase something. It is simply the sheer pleasantness of the town.

Once a Greek fishing village, Kalkan has evolved into so much more while still retaining its charm. The unusually high number of roof-terraced restaurants stretch the coast offering excellent food with a view of deep blue water and green surrounding hills. Its picturesque appeal is what drives its recurrent visitors year after year.

With an average of 300 sun-soaked days a year, lovely pebbled beaches, mountains and hills, historic sites and natural wonders, the emerald beauty of Green Lake, and the traditional Ottoman town Elmali, it’s no wonder why there is such a big attraction.

Kalkan is extremely fortunate in that it is situated at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, influencing its climate to a typical Southern Mediterranean feel. Overall, it enjoys a fantastic record of beautiful weather throughout April to November.

WEATHER: Monthly Averages
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
High 54° 55° 61° 66° 75° 82°
Low 37° 37° 41° 46° 52° 59°
Rainfall 6.6 in. 4.9 in. 3.1 in. 1.6 in. 1.0 in. 0.6 in.
Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High 90° 90° 84° 75° 65° 57°
Low 64° 64° 59° 52° 45° 41°
Rainfall 0.3 in. 0.2 in. 0.6 in. 2.2 in. 3.6 in. 6.6 in.


Kalkan, Turkey

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Kalkan, Turkey

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