Affiliate Membership

Elite Alliance Affiliate members have the opportunity to experience exciting new destinations at our luxury, professionally managed residence clubs and resort communities without the standard requirement of owning at one of the select Elite Alliance Partner properties.

We look forward to welcoming you as an Affiliate Member

Elite Alliance Affiliate members have access to 100+ destinations around the world! As Elite Alliance’s portfolio of residence clubs, premier resort properties and vacation destinations continues to grow, so will the breadth and depth of your travel opportunities.

So how does it work?

  • Step 1: Join as an Elite Explorer and you gain 100 Elite Credits to use over the course of 18 months. That’s roughly 7 – 25 vacation nights! Not enough? Join as a Globetrotter and receive 250 Elite Credits, approximately 25 – 40 vacation nights, as well as additional time to use your Elite Credits.
  • Step 2: When a new member joins, Elite Alliance secures additional inventory to deposit on behalf of the new member, ensuring an ever-growing number of vacations available.
  • Step 3: Use your Elite Credits to travel the world. Reserve ski trips, golf getaways, beach escapes and city adventures, all dedicated to the same high standards you can appreciate. The only change you’ll notice is the view.


100 Elite Credits
Approx. 7-25 Nights
18 Month Membership


+ $2,500 One Time Enrollment Fee


250 Elite Credits
Approx. 25-40 Nights
24 Month Membership


+ $2,500 One Time Enrollment Fee

Membership Benefits

  • Elite Escapes available 45 days prior to vacation arrival date
    Ability to reserve short-notice vacations at exceptionally low rates without giving up time at your home residence.
  • Elite Credits discounted 45 days prior to vacation arrival date
    Ability to reserve an exchange using discounted Elite Credits 45 days prior to the vacation arrival date, in addition to the exchange fee.
  • Future Vacation Requests
    Ability to utilize the Request A Vacation and Watch List features.
  • Travel Coordination
    Connect with our committed team of travel experts to customize every aspect of your vacation experience.
  • Access Vacations
    Access Vacations are available at select properties, and are offered at exclusive rates. Elite Credits do not apply, and vacation dates range from short-notice to future availability.
  • Lifestyle and luxury brands

    Carey International—Carey International is the global leader in chauffeured ground transportation, providing world-class service, unparalleled safety and coveted peace of mind to the world’s most discerning travelers, since 1921. Spanning more than 1,000 cities worldwide, it offers uncompromising standards of service, assuring a consistently superior experience.

    Luggage Forward—Luggage Forward picks up baggage and sporting equipment at your home or office, and ships to almost anywhere in the world with guaranteed, on-time delivery.

    Regal Wings—You have access to exclusive discounted prices on First or Business Class airfare seats to international properties in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and the Pacific through Regal Wings.

    Ski Butlers—You can enjoy ski vacations that are more convenient and effortless than ever. Thanks to the Ski Butlers Delivery service, you can arrange to have your rented skis, snowboards, boots, and other gear delivered directly to your Elite Alliance accommodations, leaving you free to relax at home instead of having to fight your way through crowded equipment rental ski shops.

    Swift Passport—When procuring travel documents for your next trip abroad, eliminate the hassle and trust the passport and travel visa experts at Swift Passport Services to expedite your documents.

Possible Vacation Options

Affiliate Membership FAQ

  • What is Elite Alliance?

    Elite Alliance is an exchange program that was established in 1999 to enhance the value, flexibility and enjoyment of vacation home ownership. Today, it is acknowledged as the pre-eminent exchange company in the luxury sector. Elite Alliance members can experience exciting new destinations with participating residence clubs and resort communities that meet Elite Alliance's demanding standards of quality, location and service. The Elite Alliance staff coordinates between Elite Alliance properties and provides complete travel services for its members if requested.

  • Do I need to own a property to join Elite Alliance?

    No. An Elite Alliance Affiliate Membership provides the opportunity for luxury travelers to enjoy the benefits of vacationing within the Elite Alliance portfolio without the typical requirement of owning at one of the participating properties.

  • What are the different levels of an Affiliate Membership?

    You can join as an Explorer or Globetrotter:

    • When you join as an Explorer, you receive 100 Elite Credits, averaging around 7 – 25 vacation nights, with an 18-month membership.
    • When you join as a Globetrotter, you receive 250 Elite Credits, averaging around 25 – 40 vacation nights, with a 24-month membership.

    Whether you join as an Explorer or Globetrotter, all Affiliate Members are provided a Core Membership:

    Core Membership in Elite Alliance provides Member's with access to an array of Membership Privileges including access to Elite Escapes and The Marketplace.

    To enjoy additional benefits, you can enroll into our Premium Membership:

    Premium Membership in Elite Alliance provides Member's our highest level of membership, with access to an array of privileges and benefits, including ClubBenefits, powered by ClubCorp®.

  • Where can I travel?

    Affiliate Members have full access to the 100+ destinations around the world that Elite Alliance offers. As Elite Alliance’s portfolio of residence clubs, premier resort properties and vacation destinations continues to grow, so will the breadth and depth of your travel opportunities.

  • Is there a fee when I take a vacation?

    Yes. Upon confirmation of an Elite Alliance vacation, there is a $395 – $795 Exchange Fee. Short-Notice Vacations, referred to as Elite Escapes, can be reserved for $695 – $1,895 and do not require Elite Credits.

    Some residence clubs and resort communities may charge additional fees such as daily housekeeping fees, check-out fees, recreation access fees, or other charges. Details about property-specific fees may be found on the Elite Alliance website.

  • Can a member request vacations that are not shown as available?

    Yes, there are two ways to request vacations. As an Explorer, members can make up to four (4) requests for future vacations and add them to their “Watch List.” As a Globetrotter, members can make up to eight (8) requests. These future vacations requests can span up to three months. When a requested vacation becomes available, the requesting member will be notified on a first-come, first-served basis and have 24 hours to accept the requested vacation before it is offered to another member.

    Members can also "Request A Vacation." Member's may request a specific set of dates at a property, offering their Elite Credits. The Member’s ability to offer additional Elite Credits is only limited by the number of Elite Credits they have in their account. A response to the Member’s request is received within five days and the Elite Credits necessary to cover this request will be placed "on hold" pending a response.

  • Can I purchase Elite Credits if I don’t have sufficient ECs in my account to accept a desired vacation?

    Yes. You may purchase Elite Credits at a cost of $75 per credit. You may only purchase up to 20% of the required credits for that desired vacation.

  • If I buy another Elite Credit Package, do I lose my current credits?

    No. In fact, Elite Alliance will honor your current balance and reset the expiration date of those credits to match your new Affiliate Membership.

  • If I exhaust all my Elite Credits, can I still travel?

    Yes. Members still have access to Elite Escapes for the remaining duration of their Affiliate Membership. Elite Escapes require no credits to reserve.

  • Can I send unaccompanied guests such as friends and family on an Elite Alliance vacation?

    No. As an Affiliate Member, you are the main account holder and therefore, serve as the primary traveler. Friends and family may join you on an Elite Alliance vacation.

  • When is an vacation confirmed?

    A vacation is confirmed by Elite Alliance when a member has reserved the vacation, paid the Exchange Fee, and the vacation is approved by the associating property.

  • Can a member cancel an exchange?


    Cancellation made greater than 90 days from arrival:

    The Member can select a one-time alternate vacation from the current availability within 7-days of cancelling and apply the exchange fee and Elite Credits to the new reservation. If an alternate vacation is not reserved within 7-days, a refund of the Elite Credits will be credited to the member's account and the Exchange Fee is nonrefundable.

    Cancellation made less than 90 days from arrival:

    The member will forfeit the Elite Credits and Exchange Fee is nonrefundable.

  • How can I find out more information about an Elite Alliance Affiliate Membership?

    Contact Colt Kramell at 214.396.5199 or


Colt Kramell

VP of Business Development

(214) 396.5199

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